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Have you just decided to go into blogging? Or have you tried blogging and found it to be more difficult than you thought? I too felt the same way. The blogs rolling out each day make it so difficult for you to stand out in what you do.
I've got good news for you. I finally found the best way to go about blogging and make your mark in it. The key is:
"Make progressive efforts to get to your final goal, One Step at a time."
In this blogging series, i'll be showing you why blogging is just too awesome to give up on and then i'll guide you through from the basics to advanced concepts and practices that will help set up your new website and blog for great success.


Although somewhat discouraging at times, especially when you are just starting out and you observe that it appears that the only people visiting your blog are your family, blogging is extremely rewarding. Why bother? Why spend all your time writing blog posts weekly?
Frankly, even if your blog hasn't made you a millionaire yet, not that it can't, blogging does pay off professionally in a countless number of ways. Here are my top five:
  1. Personal Development: No one ever starts a blog with nothing left to learn. Thus, as you write articles week in, week out on whatever niche of your choice, you improve in your understanding of various concepts, your writing style becomes more professional and your design skills actually move a step higher. The truth is if you are not growing personally, then you arent doing it right. Years later, you should be able to look back at your first post and wonder what was wrong with you when you wrote that.
  2. Becoming Authority: A tech-blogger friend of your’s may write a blog post and say certain things about some latest technology in town. You would certainly object if some of the things he says don’t go down well with you. Now imagine that you were reading a blog post on the same technology on Techcrunch. On finding that same information there, you would no longer object. That is authority. Blogging allows you to position yourself as an authority in whatever field you choose as yo provide content to your audience with your personal style and flair.
  3. Personal Branding: In today’s world its even more important for you to sell yourself through whatever means possible. Blogging is a way to self yourself with the gentle touch of professionalism. Through blogging your create a powerful online presence that tells what you’re all about. It leads you to partnerships, opportunities, credibility, recognition and lots more. A good blog helps you attain a higher perceived value in the marketplace as you share what you care about, create an audience of people who want to learn from you and connect with other experts in that space.
  4. Building a Community: Blogging helps you fill a need. People are itching to connect. People are itching to find out whats happening around them and in their various fields. They want to learn more about a countless number of things. As a blogger you fill that need. You build a community as you gradually grow an audience and keep them hooked to the amazing content you provide.
  5. Show your passion: This just cannot be over emphasized. How else will you find the drive to write so many blog posts and build an audience for it if you are not passionate about what you do?
  6. Make Some Money: Blogging affords you the opportunity to make money in so many ways. As a blogger, one cool way to make money is through advertisement. A platform that make this easy for bloggers and advertisers is the Google Adsense Program.
Now you’ve learnt how awesome blogging is. Its time for you to start a blog. Now let’s do just that.
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