Somehow I always take my time to study people's success story not just how they became rich but also how they stay successful and wealthy over the years.
      I realized all successful billionaires and millionaires, I mean all of them stay  successful and on market charts by obeying the rules of the Hat Game.
   Once or twice in our lives or πŸ™„ twice in a month since we started using Google, we tend to type " How to become rich" some type " how to become rich in two months; businesses to start in 2018... " bla bla bla...  How many of us have googled out " How To Stay Rich "

 Well, your answer is probably that you have to first be rich πŸ€‘ before you start thinking of staying rich
    🀷🏽‍♀ I'm sorry to announce but if you don't know how to stay rich, I wonder why you want to be rich?
    Down to business, Let's talk about The Hat Game. There are six levels to this game.  Note that the hat game is just like habits. When you do it frequently, you strengthen it and when you choose the path of least resistance, you become weak in them.


  Every single level of the hat game is important.  Everyday we face challenges or experience moments that bring us face to face with ways to apply these rules.
    The Hat Game Goes In This Manner ; Whenever You're tempted to spill out any of these things, take your hat up ( its all a mind game)  put it in and then drop it under and cover it.

1. INCOMEWe all fall into the temptation of wanting to show off how much we make. How you make sales and that La Vida whatever life. Do you notice how the really rich folks rarely ever dress all flashy? I once listened to a podcast by Jim Kwik where he explained that most billionaires dressed simple on sweatshirts and t-shirts cause they have loads of decisions to make and wasting all of that on clothing wasn't an option so they just basically wore simple stuff and got out to use all that brain power to solve better stuffs..
 Apart from income some of y'all should open a folder for images of food, so when you take images of your food you just transfer them to the folder which would be named "HAT" and then store it there and never post it. Except you're an ambassador to a food store I don't get why you'd flaunt what you eat?  I mean if you eat this food on a norm you wouldn't see it as a big deal.
 A friend of mine once shared this
    " Do you notice how people eat great a few days and then post a WhatsApp story with the caption " Foodie"?  "
   I'm sure the table he shook alot of y'all have friends on that table..

2.  Your Most Ambitious Plans: Your Plans Have weak spots and chances are you're talking to someone who is not just extremely ambitious but also values money and hitting market than friendship. With weak spots in your plans, people can easy pin point then and pick them apart easily, rebrand and boom πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ Your see your plan out and looking so good with alot of upgrades and you starr screaming FOUL!!!  Yelling,  I WAS PLAYED!!!!
   πŸ˜’ That's Good For You. Don't Look At Me, Its All Your Fault.Painful tho but good for you. Trust me,  you don't want to learn that lesson the hard way.

3. Charity: Now except you run a charity organization or on a charity project,  all works should be kept yo yourself.
  πŸ™„ Hope You're not expecting some detailed explanation on why you should keep it low. Please don't stress meπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

4. Your Relationship: πŸ™„ Don't Give People Unnecessary Headache or give them a right to tell you stuffs you ought not to get all cause you decide to bring your relationship public.. She doesn't cook for you and the whole of IG knows about it. You see him jerking off and you call him out on your WhatsApp storyπŸ™„. Are we him? Is he we?  Is she us? πŸ˜’ can we be please😩😩?
     No one really cares and those you feel care are just 98% of the time jobless.  Your real pals would tell you all that info is unnecessary and it is. Argue with your phone.
   You all go out for a date, dinner bla bla and 100% of the time which also includes when you're eating, you're also making video on Snapchat and going Live.  Y'all forget to enjoy the moment. Social media has taken our sense of enjoying life.

5. Family Conflicts And Business Problems :
    So your dad just hit your mum and your uncle just slapped you dad. Your grandma recently just drove you out  of the house.  Your neighbor just got married to your mum and drove your dad out.  πŸ‘€ We don't wanna know about all that drama going on in your life.  When we ask you, how are you, what we expect is a simple and nearly polished FINE. even the ' and you ' is just unnecessary amebo but its okay. Anything other than that brings about emotional or some sort of commitment and how we all run away from those.
 Mind you I'm not saying you shouldn't share issues with folks but choose one or two peeps who can listen and to am extent say something reasonable not just listening or talking folks. What I'm really against is when y'all do that shii of having business problems and family issues and you go online on your IG or WhatsApp story or even IG and FB Timeline and spill it all out.. 

6.  Your Opinions:
         This is the simplest level of the game.

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