Well πŸ™„ You've Probably Jumped Into Conclusions or simply clicked out of curiosity to know why I'd utter such. Actually I didn't make that statement.  A male friend of mine did. Below is the screenshot πŸ”½

Let's get this straight, I'm not going against the female gender. I AM FEMALE  FOR HEAVENS SAKE 🀷🏽‍♀
   I'm not saying women should be pulled down and men raised instead. I'm just wondering why anyone has to be pulled down in the first place ?  I mean!!! Its really crazy tho that we no longer look at passion; we now look at the gender. They feel women are weak and need more help thinking they're doing the woman a favor.  The thought pattern goes ; If its female, ASSIST and If its male ; HE'LL FIGURE IT OUT HIMSELF.
 Sincerely, I don't like this. While some of y'all are gonna come out at me and say ; If not for the women who gave their all for feminism ( another topic for another day) I would be in the kitchen and not be heard
   With all The Pressures and responsibilities that comes from being a man they sure do deserve some accolades πŸ˜‰
     Mothers and Women Are Awesome and I celebrate them despite their imperfections but  how many times do we celebrate our fathers?  All we do is pass blames often a times and talk about all the wrong decisions they made in our eyes. Without really understanding a thing about the situation. I'm pretty sure we have had about 4 mothers day already and we're in the 5th month of the year Yet No Fathers Day.
  Don't wanna start shaking tables but mothers are imperfect too. They have flaws and attitudes that could drive a man crazy making him make decisions that most peeps won't understand. Often a time this thought pattern that women deserve more help because men tend to waste funds when they get it or just want to ball is really crazy but while youths fight against the though pattern they create one that days its the middle aged or older men who lavish money ( with a large amount of them throwing shades at their fathers)
 Men from an early age have been taught that they're the head and also that they have to be strong emotionally and  all others society pours on them.
 I'd be plain to you from my angle of life at this age and I stand to be corrected. Life seems easier for a lady than a man. With hard work, Gods blessings and Favor, creativity and consistency and the right team ; ( connections ain't too much of two worries)
 A Lady can actually go far. I'm not saying its very simple for a lady. Its as hard as it is for ladies but its easier. 😁 Figure what i mean out... But for a guy, I don't know why it takes all of these and whatever else..  I'm in my early 20's and I sure do stand to be corrected about my view of life but one thing I wouldn't take corrections on is my word against the belief that MEN DON'T NEED HELP.
 They Do Need Help, They Need Assistance, They Need Encouragement, They Deserve To Be Understood same way we female always yelling  that no one understands us and They Sure Do Deserve Some Accolades. ( I really dunno what accolades are 😁 but then it rhymes with the sentence and I'm sure it fits the context so I'm good to go)
   Support A Man Today.

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