Little Talks: WE ALL GET LOST

It's easy, I mean very easy for us to beat ourselves up over our bad habits or situations that go wrong in our life, friends that leave, businesses that crash, loved ones that leave earth untimely and all others. We all get lost at one point in our lives or let's say different points in our lives.
       We get broken in pieces and we could survive well enough but what hurts more is when we are BROKEN AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I leaves most of us drawn to our psycho cave where we lock everyone out. We forget who we are, our vision doesn't become blur :It disappears.
   By the way, its not always that deep tho with all the drama. Sometimes its just that nothing excites us. We're hitting goals but not as excited as before, we're bold enough but its like we lack confidence. We say we're headed to the Top but we really dunno what Top it is.

     Some days back I listened to a podcast by Thomas Dexter Jakes And I'd Love To Paraphrase it here. It speaks so much sense and strength and would definitely be of good use to you 👩🏽

" Even when life takes on another form and when its all broken into pieces. Grab the piece of what you have left and hold on. Just because things are broken in your life doesn't mean you can't survive.
     Stop trying to glue the boat back together. It may not ever be like it was. YOU CAN MAKE IT IN PIECES. The problem with the world today is that we don't know how to do anything unless we've got everything. We can't make a decent meal if we ain't got no turkey or some wine. We can't have fun if we can't afford to go to the cinema or the mall. We can't keep memories or enjoy time together except we've got an iPhone or Android to record it.
     You don't have to have everything on the recipe inorder to be able to cook dinner. Things don't have to be in perfect condition for you to be better.
     Its possible, extremely possible to make it in broken pieces. Stop focusing on what you lost and what you don't understand and start living on what you've got left.
     God will send some people into your life for a season because you needed them at that time in your life. Whatever wants to leave, do not confront. Wisely allow easy exit. Because if you needed them for them for the future they would have stayed or they'll come in later on. Realize that all that left you couldn't stay and all that stayed couldn't leave "
Its extremely possible to be strong but tired and at such points in your life, you need to sit your ass down and ask yourself what the hell you wants and get yourself an answer from yourself. Reshuffle your circle, your time management : What you do with your time, where you go to. Your investments. Talk to the right persons. Bond with the right crew and trust me when i say you'll be fine..
 For me, I personally believe you should do what gives you peace at night.  A friend once taught me that. I kept asking for advise and he replied
 " Do whatever gives you peace at night" trust me, you'll do what's right "

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