Throwback: Nigerian Scary Myths Children Ever Heard (Funny) Add Yours!

Ever had a throwback at some of the hilarious and freaky myths or tales you were told as a kid?
These myths and legends we were told had serious damaging effects and consequences if not adhered to.
They trail back to many generations before us and may still probably be passed down to future generations.
Check out the hilarious myths below and reminisce on your good old fun days as a child. And please feel free to add yours.

Madam Koi Koi (The Woman In Red)

Madam koi koi is one of the most popular stories told to all boarding school students.
One version of the madam koi koi story says a long time ago, there was a wicked teacher who loved the colour red and often wears it from head to toe. The woman also had a son.
Now one day, the children who she taught had enough of her, carrying her son, they beat him to the point of death, in the rush and struggle to save her son, she lost one leg of her shoes.
Angry with what had happened, she vowed to take revenge on those who killed her son.
To this day she walks the earth, looking for her son and lost shoe. She can enter rooms in the night, and if you ever hear her telltale sound, koi koi koi, you immediately close your eyes and don’t open them until the sound of her heel cannot be heard again.
Unless? Well, death is all that awaits you.

Bush Babies

The bush baby is also a myth used to scare boarding school students into minding their business and staying indoors in the night.
The story narrates that on a calm night, with the wind at a minimum, when your almost at that point of sweet sleep, you will hear the sound of a baby crying outside your window.
It will sound very much like a baby or a toddler crying, sometimes the kid will be calling for help.
Now you being the good Samaritan, will go outside to help the little one, just as you reach the kid, he looks up at you with red eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and you will never be seen again.
Some say they kill and eat you right there, while others say they drag you to hell.
The moral of this story? Stay in bed and mind your own business.


The Jinn which is peculiar to the north is said to have an Islamic background, most popular in boarding schools that have a majority of Muslims.
No one is sure what they look like, but it is agreed that they are very small, sometimes invincible and mostly live on trees and anthills.
They are believed to attack young ladies who leave their hair uncovered (unclad) especially when they pass under a tree.
Myths have it that it also attacks, if you step on their house or children or pour water on them, and don’t apologize.
The question and irony of this is how does one even apologize when you don’t even know you did anything. 🤣

Tossing Your Tooth Up A Roof

When a child looses a tooth in Nigeria, unlike in the western world with Europeans who put it under the pillow and wait for the tooth fairy, children throw their teeth onto the roof.
This is how most children were told to dispose off their baby or “milk” teeth. A wish is often made as the child throws the tooth.

Whistling At Night

In some parts of Nigeria, whistling (making music/melody without singing) is a no no because you will wake the dead, who will whistle back at you and just may escort you back to their graves.
Another belief is that you will be calling snakes to you, and you won’t be able to control them.

Mammy Water

Quite similar to Disney’s little mermaid, a Nigerian Myth has it that a river goddess who is described as a beautiful and graceful being, is half human and half fish.
However, this goddess is not a doe eyed princess looking for her true love, instead she’s out for an easy slave to carry back to her watery kingdom to serve her and her sisters for as long as they wish.
Another myth is that, if you find one brushing her hair by the beach at night, she will swim away and leave her comb behind, if you pick up this comb, she will appear to you in your dreams asking for it back, in exchange for money, any amount you want.

Looking In The Mirror At Night

Legend being passed on from one generation to the next has it that at night, mirrors open the door to the underworld, ruled by dark forces and there goes the soul of the deceased.
It is believed that if you look in the mirror at night, you will see spirits, and evil.
And the more you look at them, the stronger they will be nourished by your energy, which can supposedly help to break them from another world.

Pregnant Women

Most cultures and tribes have their own rules and beliefs when it comes to pregnant women. Nigerians are no different.
In some cultures, like the Ijaw and Yorubas, a pregnant woman is not allowed to see a masquerade because they believe that the baby will look like a masquerade when it is born.
Also in some places, when a pregnant woman is sitting with her legs out, you must not cross her legs, the reason? The baby might look like you or bad luck will follow the child.
So, funny right? I’m sure you still don’t believe in stories like that, or do you?
Anyway 👇

Please Let’s Reminisce Together Tell Us Your Own Myths And Lies You Were Told As A Child.

Drop Yours…
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